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This week I was given some reassurance about my knee stability.  I seen a sports medicine physician at Carleton University Sports Clinic and she sort of verified what I already thought:)  Since my knee has been starting to feel better and I did complete that knee-treacherous mud hero obstacle course, I figured my reconstructed ACL was still intact.  Dr. B said that it was good but a lot "looser" than the right knee.  She said that this is a normal stretching but I need to be cautious on uneven ground and with impact or quick turning sports.  Bottom line....running on even surface okay....everything else I need to wear a brace.  She wrote my a prescription for the brace and now I find a local specialist to measure and custom order the brace.  Also need to figure out if my benefits cover the brace since it will probably be $1000.

As for the little bit of pain I still have in my knee; Dr. B said it sounds like I aggravated my meniscus; probably small tears.  Since I didn't have much swelling it can't be a huge injury.  Told me to keep icing and advil; continue activity as tolerated and come back in 2 weeks if pain still persists.  She told me that she could order an x-ray or MRI but she is pretty confident that everything is in place.  Doesn't want to do a "scope" at this time because it does seem to be getting better and I have already been able to resume running.

This is exactly what I wanted to hear.  

It's kind of funny because  the times when my knee bothers me is when I am sitting and when I stand up and start walking.  It doesn't hurt while running; does hurt a little bit after running though.  

 I went for a run during my lunch hour with a coworker that is new to running; she has been running on the treadmill and was fretting because she can't get passed 3.5km on treadmill.  Hearing this I knew she could run 5K outside no problem.  This coworder has become committed to her health in the past 3 months.  We've been tracking her blood pressure and heart rate along the way.  She started as hypertensive with a high resting heart rate; she now has normal blood pressure and a low resting heart rate.  She has lost weight and gained energy; she feels great!  However, she still identifies herself as a "fat smoker".  This is what her internal voice keeps telling her.  I wanted to prove that she could run 5K as this is one of her goals.  

We took it slow and steady; I coached her along with some breathing and mental tips.  At the 3.5 km mark where she usually stops on the treadmill she was still feeling strong and of course she got to 5 km.  There was no doubt in my mind that she wouldn't.  She did the 5K in 32 minutes.  She was so excited and one step closer to squashing that "fat smoker" internal dialogue.  I told her that she probably will always have that identity creep in (as we all do) but we need to push the negative down and bring the positive to the surface.  We can't change what we were but we have control over what we become.

Running the slower pace gave me some time to reflect on my own running and fitness.  Bottom line is I have gained weight...especially belly and boob fat...which I hate!!!!  I also feel like crap because I haven't been active enough.  Been busy but not active.  Anyways, bottom line is I need to get back into some sort of routine with running and weights again.  I am going to do this at work on lunch hour.  I've had a couple of coworkers ask me if I would organize some interval weight training at lunch or a run/walk group.  Sounds like a good thing to do.  If other people are relying on me than it makes me more accountable and it's really satisfying to help others (especially women for some reason) to be fit and increase their confidence and health.

I can also run during Karson and Arlen's soccer practices.  Since they are and hour every tuesday and wednesday this is a perfect time to get in a short run.

As for fast food....I did have a 90 day challenge that I wouldn't eat fast food.  My first go, I lasted 9 days.  Then a week.  Then 2 weeks.  Then I forgot how long.  Yesterday after work I went to McDisgustings and had my usual Big Mac Combo (I'm embarrassed even writing it).  Anyways, it tasted so weird and awful which I take as a good sign:)  Taste buds are changing and now my mouth and mind know that I am not missing anything.  The counter is reset again:) I'm making progress though; I'm eating more during the day to delay after work stupidity and I'm not choosing fast food as a "quick supper" for the kids on the way to soccer or baseball.  I know that whatever I throw together from my fridge is way more nutritious then what they get at a drive-thru. 

Bottom line....I'm feeling good mentally and physically....and I'm looking forward to being more active:)


  1. Glad to hear your knee is improving! And congratulations on avoiding the junk food. I have done the complete opposite. After months of being careful about what I ate and training regularly, I gave myself a two week "vacation" and did no running and ate anything I wanted. It was fun, but it does make you feel crappy. I think I am ready to get back into a training routine :)


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